Thank goodness I am mother of the groom

and we TRIED to talk them into an April wedding when she tracked out ( she teaches in a year round school), but they wanted Valentine weekend… in her hometown…. In the past month she has been in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung from the new birth control, he was in the hospital cause his blood pressure tanked from low potassium levels caused by stress, Their honey moon is now on standby cause she has to work next sat. due to school make up days, and they are stranded in Raleigh because cars are at a gridlock….. If these two can get through this… they will be golden!

You see, there you go

LOL That is what you get for planning a February wedding! Didn’t you plan on record breaking winter weather!!!! LOL
Of course I am kidding. I know you, nor the wedding party, planned on it. But it is what it is and what else is there to do but wait it our? Really, I am wondering what else can be done. I am hoping y’all had wedding insurance.

Well, the bride and groom tried to leave for the wedding

and turned around after it took them 40 minutes to go a mile, brides dad is stuck in atl international until further notice… and we are expecting ice and power outages along with this snow and need to be in MD for the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, The bride got her “travel” shot since her blood clot is still disolving and her doc won’t be in the office tomorrow so when I talked to my son and his future bride, she was in a puddle of tears and he was on a ti-raid that the news was wrong again about the amount of time they had before it hit…
Other then that, we are ready…..and my eyebrows are done :)

Hang in there Mark

We’ll all be sending you warm fuzzies. Hopefully enough of them will keep the worst of the ice off your particular power lines. I know how it feels to sit and wait out storms like this. Here’s hoping you come through it with minimal issues.

Still holding our own here

Sleet/ice/snow is all around, my power lines are covered and the roads aren’t safe to drive on. I pray the power doesn’t go off, in the house with a 2 month old baby is definitely something I’m not looking forward to. This is one time I miss having a fireplace. We are expected to experience more sleet/freezing rain throughout the day and night so this is just the beginning. Its not expected to get above freezing temperature wise until Friday.

That’s true and how DH and I felt

we both retired from county jobs and though the pay wasn’t great feel so thankful for the retirement we have. However…not the secure feeling there used to be, retirement benefits are cutting back and DH got a notice this week that a health supplement of several hundred dollars he gets every month will start to cut down, a little more each year. I was never eligible for it, started working when I was too old to hit the cut off but it has been very nice for him. Especially the newer employees are not nearly as well off with benefits. I was really fortunate in one way, we had a contract that got passed during my time there. It gave three percent of of your salary in retirement for every year you had worked if you were over sixty. That only stayed in for a short time, next round the employees voted it out for something they thought would be better but I got it and it was a big difference. His county didn’t have it but he got the golden handshake, something else I was not entitled to.
, that’s a bonus of five years seniority if the county is encouraging retirement and they can get some of the employees closer to retirement to leave early.

And of course, this provides FURTHER erosion to the tax base

How can someone of(or close to) retirement age find other employment quickly. Remember, the economy around here is ALREADY depressed, with able-bodied skilled workers having trouble finding jobs. So now there’s going to be a whole NEW group of people who can’t afford their mortgages, or maybe can’t even afford property taxed of paid off homes. So the city loses again. this place is going to end up a ghost town… :-(

I have a friend who works for the water department

The way I understood it last week(or the week before), the current retirees were grandfathered in. But people who hadn’t retired yet might lose everything they put in. That prompted about 500 out of that 2000-person department to file their early retirement. The department’s GOAL was to get down to about 350 people total. Now I don’t know how those retirement plans work with the *bankruptcy*, though.

Interesting, yes it’s good, especially for those investing

Earnings from companies have been better than expected (they expected nothing), and many are expecting a good recovery, but most of the earnings increases have been from laying off people and cutting costs. They might be able to do it a few more quarters, but long term after we get tax increases (they have to come) and such I’m not so sure. The stock market to me seems to be anticipating earnings coming back to the 2006 levels, however at this point I’m not convinced, but I am in the stock market still, but watching for another bubble. I’m investing globally as well since I don’t think the US is the only place to keep money.

The question is why is the market anticipating a really good recovery. Maybe I’m a fool but I think this is more of the dollar losing 15% compared to other currencies in 7 month and the very cheap money that the Federal Reserve is putting in the system, rather than based on fundamentals like values of companies compared to earnings. To me I think focusing on earnings is key.

The federal reserve are trying to spur inflation in the midst of a time when credit is contracting, businesses are failing, and unemployment at an all time high, consumer retrenching. I think the stock market may continue going up until the federal reserve begins raising rates or another bubble bursts and brings it down.

Soooo, as some of you know

I’ve been challenging myself to clean up one thing a day in my craft room/office set up. Most of my posts on facebook have been about the fun stuff, creating storage space and such. Right now I’m sorting paperwork to free up storage tubs, file cabinets and such. BLEH!
I am aghast at what I am finding and how STUPID dh and I were in the past. Example: I just found a charge card bill for 2006 with a balance of nearly $29,000 and that wasn’t the big one (it was over $42,000). While our interest rate at that time was low this was just before the charge card companies decided that “for our own good” they would triple our payments and jump our rate to keep us from going further in the hole. Never did figure that logic out.
I’ve also found many more old credit card statements that brought home to me just how truly STUPID we were. Best online essay writers service – EssayWriterSservice.COM luckily that $29,000 one is now just under $3,000 in balance and it is #3 in our debt snowball right now. Which means once the big truck is repaired and our new eye glasses are purchased it and the other 2 bills will disappear in rapid succession.
One thing about all this sorting, it makes me definitely see how far we have came. So if you are feeling like you are treading water, pull out your old records and then give yourself a HUGE pat on the back

Someone asked if anyone had a “special”

something they did to memorialize being debt free. I didn’t, but I just got a ZERO statement balance in the mail from the 1st cheetah we killed this month. Thanks to the question, I am going to keep it (and all the subsequent ones we pay off) and put them in our family scrapbook.
Holy cow. We are really on the road to being DEBT FREE.


My Home Depot balance (account has long been closed) was $669.40.

They just gave me a $314.40 DISCOUNT to pay it in full: $355.

Holy hannah !!

I took it. The payment is pending to February 28th since right now I have $215 in my checking account but we’ll be good by then, but holy heck. That was a HUGE discount.

That makes 3 cheetahs dead this month. We are halfway to being debt free except for the car.

It was nice for the kids to have the visual of cutting up the credit cards (yeah, I know DR says to do it as BS1, but it’s more of a teaching moment when they see it being paid off & cutting it up for nevermore.)

Update on the CC issue

Discover lowered my rate to 12.99% for 1 year and suspended my buying privileges which is absolutely fine with me. So I can make the min payment which will be reduced until I get to September and then I can go back to juggling and snowballing and paying extra where I can to bring that balance down.

CreditOne were not helpful – they said they don’t charge over the limit fees which I found doubtful so I have to go and do some digging through statements. Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

Capital One put me over the limit with the annual charge so they credited 50% back to me so that was positive. So I’m back on track with them.

Just got the pesky closed Chase card to deal with but that should be done even paying minimums by September. I’m still going to try to see if I can get them to reduce the % – can’t hurt to ask especially at this stage of the game.

I have a nibble on Fleur – depending upon what the puppy person is willing to pay, it may be what I need to move Fleur on if she doesn’t place in Texas.

Kiki is coming out of heat so Ben is not quite so demented – I’ve crated Shadow and Skundi for the interim until she’s out of standing heat completely, then I have to go through it with Libbye . Oh well, could be worse. They could stagger through heat every 2 months

Purchased hay costs went up again this last week

right on the heels of finally figuring out the land rental situation. For those who don’t remember, we normally put up our own hay but that didn’t happen in 2013 for a variety of reasons, amongst which was what I’ll politely call a breakdown in communication between DH and myself. We had a few nice days of not arguing about farm stuff, but then that hay price boost created another round of bickering. Very discouraged right now that DH and I will ever be on the same page in terms of how to run the farm and how to manage costs. So I’m back to looking for off-farm work again, for the fourth time in two years. Suffice to say I don’t have much good to say about the situation at the moment. But I did just finish a job application for a gardening writer. I’d appreciate some good luck sent our way that I get that job, or something like it.

Gandalf went to his new home on Sunday and Fleur

his sister, went with for some socialization and to see if Jessica could get her placed. I took a $800 hit on Gandalf which I can’t afford, really, but he’s off the feed bill. So it goes at times. I may also have a line on getting LooLoo placed which would reduce my pack stress at home a helluva lot. Shadow leaves sometime within the next 6 weeks and can’t happen fast enough to suit me.

Reducing my payments on the CC’s to clear one at a time is not working well so I’m back to the drawing board to figure out just how much I need to pay above the minimums to keep below the credit limit so I don’t get OL fees charged.

I am contemplating calling each cc company and telling them that if they want me to keep current I need to put a temporary plan in place of some kind until September 1st (caught up with the extra mortgage payment) that doesn’t generate over the limit fees if they want to get paid in full. I have been current all along but the extra I have to pay on the mortgage is taking a chunk I don’t have.

I’ve already cut down as much as I can on the cell phone bill and satellite. Satellite contract runs out in either June or July so that’s $60 a month right there I can save. And if I can figure out how to get a different receiver/DVR than the one I have, without having to pay for it, then I can drop the current bill by $25 + taxes. I did call DirecTV and they want basically $100 to do that by the time I account for the cost of the receiver and their shipping charge. That $100 4 months worth of charges which gets me to June anyway, so I think I may just call it a bust and get rid of it when the contract runs out.

I attended the Kerr Center Horticulture class last week and learned about Enterprise budgeting, so I need to apply that to each farm unit I have, I didn’t realize I could break it down by component, so that makes much more sense.

I’m not a math whizz so this is work for me, its not something I enjoy HOWEVER, I am keeping my eye firmly on the prize of being debt free.

I thought of you as soon as I got this

I think this one trumps anything else I’ve gotten lately, and it’s way more interesting than being told to show up for court in a different state. But tell you what – I’ll email this person back, give them every last scrap of personal information I have, collect all this money which is apparently coming to me, and I’ll split it with you. I certainly had no idea I was next of kin to a German property magnate. Gosh, maybe there’s a castle in the will somewhere. That would be pretty nifty. I’ve always wanted a castle.

I was on such a roll that I called the CC

with the largest balance to see if there was anything we could do to “get it out of collections”. It’s not overly past due (day 35) but all the late fees etc add up to a demand of $372 to “get it current.”
Yeah no. But I have until March 9 my next due date to keep it from getting worse lol. Unless I’d like to pay half today and half by the 9th.

Yeah, no thanks.

Now that they’ve demonstrated they are below the line mentality, I’ll probably just pay them enough on the account on the 9th to get it under the limit plus the late fee for the month so it doesn’t go back over (thereby charging me a late fee PLUS an overlooking fee).
They were pleasant about it, just, we don’t have to and we’re not going to.