Thank goodness I am mother of the groom

and we TRIED to talk them into an April wedding when she tracked out ( she teaches in a year round school), but they wanted Valentine weekend… in her hometown…. In the past month she has been in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung from the new birth control, he was in the hospital cause his blood pressure tanked from low potassium levels caused by stress, Their honey moon is now on standby cause she has to work next sat. due to school make up days, and they are stranded in Raleigh because cars are at a gridlock….. If these two can get through this… they will be golden!

You see, there you go

LOL That is what you get for planning a February wedding! Didn’t you plan on record breaking winter weather!!!! LOL
Of course I am kidding. I know you, nor the wedding party, planned on it. But it is what it is and what else is there to do but wait it our? Really, I am wondering what else can be done. I am hoping y’all had wedding insurance.

Well, the bride and groom tried to leave for the wedding

and turned around after it took them 40 minutes to go a mile, brides dad is stuck in atl international until further notice… and we are expecting ice and power outages along with this snow and need to be in MD for the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, The bride got her “travel” shot since her blood clot is still disolving and her doc won’t be in the office tomorrow so when I talked to my son and his future bride, she was in a puddle of tears and he was on a ti-raid that the news was wrong again about the amount of time they had before it hit…
Other then that, we are ready…..and my eyebrows are done 🙂