I thought I was saavy

I picked apart PPL. Then my best friend approached me about another MLM. I’ll give you a hint: telecommunications, Trump, Kiyosaki. I’ve recently spent some time pouring over chat rooms, blogs and both praises and complaints about this company. There were overwhelmingly more complaints than praises. I asked my friend pointedly how much his upline

One big thing is to not pay for training

You’ll hear all this stuff about how it’s so much better than real or mainstream businesses, but in a mainstream business if they hire you and you need training, they pay for it. This isn’t true in MLMs and many of the people in them who do well make most of their money from training

Actually, dumb to think it’s smart

If the money goes to his corporation, then to him, it’s his income and taxed accordingly. If it stays with the company, even if the company buys a watch with it, it is still corporate income, so the company still pays tax on it. If it’s a gift from the company, he has to declare

While you’ll read this in order

this is the first thing I wrote in this reply because the name Kiyosaka is so well known. In short, and putting it politely, he’s full of bovine excrement. I have not read his actual books BUT I have read excerpts from them. (I just know some MLMer will take the first part of that

Looking for some direction

hey,i am new here and to the MLM industry and my question is , Is the MLM industry as a whole, corrupt or is it just a few companies that are? i just recently enrolled in to a company and so far i have not experienced any of the things that alot of the people

I think ACN is an interesting example of MLM

because it’s thriving, and it manages one of the “cleanest” images out there. ACN has been going for 17 years in many countries. The products (services) are legitimate: small savings on re-sold telecomms. They’ve had charges laid against them by the Canadian and Australian governments, and beat the rap both times. They’re somehow able to

One of the techniques employed by MLM companies is

to coach new recruits on how to handle a long list of objections from non-believers(you!). What you encountered is just one of them. A standard procedure is to make comparisons to reputable companies and explain how the particular MLM is the same. As an illustration, here are some of the standard answers I got a

So what can you do?

Not a whole lot. But you CAN ask questions of them that require that they do some research. You’ll have to do some research of your own before you can do that, and for most MLMs, generic research on those pay plans (“Flavor Of The Month,” for example) will offer a good start. If YOU

I’ve always got it on hand

just for that type of reason. I think the next time Honeyville runs a big discounted sale I’ll probably purchase it in #10 cans for long term storage in the basement. I have a couple of boxes upstairs for grabbing when I need just a tad right now. I just don’t cook with it on

I’m SO far behind!

Down to about 1500 unread messages here… Did y’all miss me? 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been making my own yogurt for years. I bought a yogurt maker a very long time ago. It has 7 6-ounce jars. I broke one and had a devil of a time finding replacements that didn’t cost a fortune, finally got

Well I did it

Yesterday I decided to try making yogurt for the first time in my life. I chronicled about the day as I went, complete with photos (link below). I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I used my dehydrator to incubate it and am having a serving of fruit in the bottom orange marmalade yogurt for

Thank you for your response

I did find a couple of sites but everytime I mention them to anyone who’s into the ACN thing, they all say, “If you look up any company, you will find dirt on them”. It’s frustrating. I just feel bad that a lot of people I know are falling victim to this. Does anyone have

Thank goodness I am mother of the groom

and we TRIED to talk them into an April wedding when she tracked out ( she teaches in a year round school), but they wanted Valentine weekend… in her hometown…. In the past month she has been in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung from the new birth control, he was in

You see, there you go

LOL That is what you get for planning a February wedding! Didn’t you plan on record breaking winter weather!!!! LOL Of course I am kidding. I know you, nor the wedding party, planned on it. But it is what it is and what else is there to do but wait it our? Really, I am

Hang in there Mark

We’ll all be sending you warm fuzzies. Hopefully enough of them will keep the worst of the ice off your particular power lines. I know how it feels to sit and wait out storms like this. Here’s hoping you come through it with minimal issues.

Still holding our own here

Sleet/ice/snow is all around, my power lines are covered and the roads aren’t safe to drive on. I pray the power doesn’t go off, in the house with a 2 month old baby is definitely something I’m not looking forward to. This is one time I miss having a fireplace. We are expected to experience

That’s true and how DH and I felt

we both retired from county jobs and though the pay wasn’t great feel so thankful for the retirement we have. However…not the secure feeling there used to be, retirement benefits are cutting back and DH got a notice this week that a health supplement of several hundred dollars he gets every month will start to

And of course, this provides FURTHER erosion to the tax base

How can someone of(or close to) retirement age find other employment quickly. Remember, the economy around here is ALREADY depressed, with able-bodied skilled workers having trouble finding jobs. So now there’s going to be a whole NEW group of people who can’t afford their mortgages, or maybe can’t even afford property taxed of paid off

I have a friend who works for the water department

The way I understood it last week(or the week before), the current retirees were grandfathered in. But people who hadn’t retired yet might lose everything they put in. That prompted about 500 out of that 2000-person department to file their early retirement. The department’s GOAL was to get down to about 350 people total. Now

Forgot to include another reason

There were tons of people parking their money in a money market account that are moving back into the stock market. That’s a big part of it as well at least my take on it. Not that I know much, I just sort of follow it a bit.

If he does mention it

he’ll probably remind everyone again that in the beginning of all this he told people not to panic…of course he also says that he knows that there are people hurting right now with loss of jobs and homes too.

Someone asked if anyone had a “special”

something they did to memorialize being debt free. I didn’t, but I just got a ZERO statement balance in the mail from the 1st cheetah we killed this month. Thanks to the question, I am going to keep it (and all the subsequent ones we pay off) and put them in our family scrapbook. Holy


My Home Depot balance (account has long been closed) was $669.40. They just gave me a $314.40 DISCOUNT to pay it in full: $355. Holy hannah !! I took it. The payment is pending to February 28th since right now I have $215 in my checking account but we’ll be good by then, but holy

Update on the CC issue

Discover lowered my rate to 12.99% for 1 year and suspended my buying privileges which is absolutely fine with me. So I can make the min payment which will be reduced until I get to September and then I can go back to juggling and snowballing and paying extra where I can to bring that

Purchased hay costs went up again this last week

right on the heels of finally figuring out the land rental situation. For those who don’t remember, we normally put up our own hay but that didn’t happen in 2013 for a variety of reasons, amongst which was what I’ll politely call a breakdown in communication between DH and myself. We had a few nice

I thought of you as soon as I got this

I think this one trumps anything else I’ve gotten lately, and it’s way more interesting than being told to show up for court in a different state. But tell you what – I’ll email this person back, give them every last scrap of personal information I have, collect all this money which is apparently coming

I was on such a roll that I called the CC

with the largest balance to see if there was anything we could do to “get it out of collections”. It’s not overly past due (day 35) but all the late fees etc add up to a demand of $372 to “get it current.” Yeah no. But I have until March 9 my next due date