Gandalf went to his new home on Sunday and Fleur

his sister, went with for some socialization and to see if Jessica could get her placed. I took a $800 hit on Gandalf which I can’t afford, really, but he’s off the feed bill. So it goes at times. I may also have a line on getting LooLoo placed which would reduce my pack stress at home a helluva lot. Shadow leaves sometime within the next 6 weeks and can’t happen fast enough to suit me.

Reducing my payments on the CC’s to clear one at a time is not working well so I’m back to the drawing board to figure out just how much I need to pay above the minimums to keep below the credit limit so I don’t get OL fees charged.

I am contemplating calling each cc company and telling them that if they want me to keep current I need to put a temporary plan in place of some kind until September 1st (caught up with the extra mortgage payment) that doesn’t generate over the limit fees if they want to get paid in full. I have been current all along but the extra I have to pay on the mortgage is taking a chunk I don’t have.

I’ve already cut down as much as I can on the cell phone bill and satellite. Satellite contract runs out in either June or July so that’s $60 a month right there I can save. And if I can figure out how to get a different receiver/DVR than the one I have, without having to pay for it, then I can drop the current bill by $25 + taxes. I did call DirecTV and they want basically $100 to do that by the time I account for the cost of the receiver and their shipping charge. That $100 4 months worth of charges which gets me to June anyway, so I think I may just call it a bust and get rid of it when the contract runs out.

I attended the Kerr Center Horticulture class last week and learned about Enterprise budgeting, so I need to apply that to each farm unit I have, I didn’t realize I could break it down by component, so that makes much more sense.

I’m not a math whizz so this is work for me, its not something I enjoy HOWEVER, I am keeping my eye firmly on the prize of being debt free.…