One big thing is to not pay for training

You’ll hear all this stuff about how it’s so much better than real or mainstream businesses, but in a mainstream business if they hire you and you need training, they pay for it. This isn’t true in MLMs and many of the people in them who do well make most of their money from training materials. One clue to this is if you say you don’t need them or don’t need the conventions, and they start to freeze you out, then you know their goal isn’t to get you to sell product, but to get you to spend money on training because that’s where THEY make money.

One other point: After you’ve been in and trying to recruit for a while, look at how many people decide they don’t want to join. Then compare that to what they say to expect. Nobody wants to be in, but the company keeps telling you it’s a great opportunity. If it’s that great, then why aren’t you at the top so quickly? Hint: It’s not because you’re not working hard enough. If so many prospects turn you down, it’s because people don’t like the product. If that’s so and most people turn you down, why should you expect it to be different for others?

If it is as great an opportunity as they say, then watch how many people come in and leave after a while. Find out how long people have been in and how well they’re doing. Get an idea of how many people are rocketing up to the top of the sales chart in the time they say. Don’t take their word, watch. Watch your group. How many people have been in for 5 years and aren’t up at the top yet? How many have been in as long as it’s supposed to take to “make it” and haven’t?

These people will tell you it’s because they don’t work hard enough, but don’t track what they say, track the figures. How long have they been in? How far up are they? How many people in your group have “made it” in the last year or five years?

And notice that if you start pointedly asking questions like that, your upline will try to change your point of view or give you a cheerleading speech that will make you think the numbers don’t matter — either that or they’ll scold you and make you feel like you don’t want or deserve success because you doubt.

And one last point: I’ve taught logic. I taught teenagers in treatment and one thing I did was teach them logic and logical fallacies so they could start learning how to reason logically and learn how to detect BS quickly. My ex-gf took me to a QS meeting and I was watching carefully what they said and found a number of logical fallacies in their presentation. (Every time I type that I want to type logical phallacies, which would not be inappropriate considering they’re used to screw people over.) Even with all that background AND with having researched the company ahead of time and knowing the issues, at the end they have a string of people come up and say things like, “I’m not working now because we don’t need the income from my job so I stay at home with the kids.” They cited point value and such, but not ONE ever mentioned actual income. In all cases, the wife was at home, but I never noticed one where both husband and wife were no longer working at their regular job.

Yet at the end of this it sounded so wonderful I was tempted to chuck my own business, which was paying the bills and, at that point, paying off the credit card debt, and join up. They put on that good a show.

You want to avoid being a statistic? Over 99.5% of people in an MLM lose money or don’t make any. It’s higher than that, but, again, when I am not sure of the exact figure, I round down to one I know is accurate. You have a better chance of winning if you go to Vegas and put it all into blackjack.

You don’t think you’re gullible, but that’s their strength and your weakness. They’ve been doing this for years and learned from decades of experience. They know what to tell you to keep you hooked. They know how to convince you they’re great and you need to stay with them.
They know how to convince you that you should spend all you have and max out your credit cards to keep going in their group. If you want to keep your money and not go in debt, get out now.…