I thought I was saavy

I picked apart PPL. Then my best friend approached me about another MLM. I’ll give you a hint: telecommunications, Trump, Kiyosaki.

I’ve recently spent some time pouring over chat rooms, blogs and both praises and complaints about this company. There were overwhelmingly more complaints than praises. I asked my friend pointedly how much his upline makes in a month if no one in his downline recruits and his answer to me was that I was over analyzing the company and it’s compensation.I love this guy. We have been friends for 20 years. MLM can affect relationships. I will probably leave just for the sake of keeping our friendship.

I read one of the other replys to your post. They do make money off of training. They cleverly disguise it. They say if you don’t sign up for the International, then thay can’t work with you. I recently went to a regional and paid $20. Not bad right? Multiply that by about 650-700 people in the room. The room probably at tops cost 1,500 for the day. Oh yeah there was no milk or cookie, or lunch. I sat there from 10 AM till 3 PM.

Here is a good non scientific way to tell if someone is doing that good. Look at their shoes. If they are dull and all scuffed up and their suits are straight off the rack, then they probably are not doing that well. Millionaires look good even in sweats and jeans. Ya feel me?…

That was an excellent cautionary explanation to a prospect

I would like to be able to use that on my blog a little later on, if I may, as an excellent example of realities vs. hype & myth in MLM.
Anybody truly wanting to run a profitable business SHOULD be constantly tweaking, adjusting, and looking at things with a critical eye.
There is no road to success that you simply follow, and anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying or stupid.
It really is that simple.…