It isn’t that the companies themselves are corrupt (although some are)

but that the people in them are corrupt and have learned how to twist the system for them to get rich at the expense of people in their downline who can’t afford to lose the money that’s being drained.

Nobody here is gullible, which is how the MLMs were able to work their magic. That you think you are not gullible is your biggest weakness.
They will give you reasons and logic for most everything they do and say. They have twisted reasoning that sounds good on the surface but isn’t true. For example, if you go to an open meeting by AW (I don’t use full names for my own reasons), the big daddy of all MLMs, they’ll say, “People will say this is a pyramid scheme, but it isn’t, and I’ll tell you why,” then they will go on to tell you why a legit company is a pyramid scheme. They’ll never answer the question of why isn’t AW a pyramid scheme. Instead they’ll redirect you to think about other companies and why they are or are not one. The question of if they are one goes unanswered. Yet it all sounds quite logical and only one person in 500 will realize they didn’t answer the true question.

Those who don’t think they are gullible will follow their answer and think it’s valid. One has to be more than not gullible. That’s just a passive state. One has to be active and actually be looking for logical fallacies and holes because these people have been running their sideshow snake oil sales for decades and the person giving you a pitch has learned from someone who has learned from generations of people successful at it. They know how to con people, especially those who think they can’t be conned.

Here’s a few things to ponder: One ad on one TV show reaches more people than a best selling novel or a top grossing movie by not just a few million but by a factor of 10 or more. (I can’t remember the numbers, I think it’s close to a factor of 100, but since I’m not sure, I’ll stick with what I know is true, however conservative the estimate may be.) It can literally reach, through one TV add, over ten million people in one shot.

Yet an MLM will say they can sell to more people through their structure. Do you still believe it?

They’ll say it costs less. Yes, it does, but on the other hand, you look at how many customers they have through the pyramid and how many they’d get from one ad on TV and the TV revenues will more than make up the difference, again by a factor of 10 or more. If they still say it’s too expensive, compare that to the figures they gave you when they said how much money the company made, what its yearly income is, and so on. How can they do so well and NOT afford an ad on TV? They could direct people to a website that gets their zip code and sends them to a rep in that area so the members could still make money.

Why do they prohibit advertising on TV? They say it’s to control distribution, but that’s not it. Think about it. I promise you, your MLM prohibits TV ads and likely retail sales even if you find a store that would carry it. There’s reasons for this and one is that they don’t care about how much money the product makes but how much they make on training.