Looking for some direction

hey,i am new here and to the MLM industry and my question is , Is the MLM industry as a whole, corrupt or is it just a few companies that are? i just recently enrolled in to a company and so far i have not experienced any of the things that alot of the people have experienced in this group,i’d like to think i am not gullible but i guess desperate times cause for desperate measures. If i could get some advice on how to brace myself for things to come it would be greatly appreciated.
How i became involved in this industry was through a book someone had given me ‘The business school’ by robert kiyosaki,i had read another book of his earlier in my life ‘Rich dad Poor dad’ and this person who gave me the book (obviously a network marketer) advised me to read it.I only read this book because it ws written by Robert Kiyosaki, but it certainly got my attention.
I dont want to be a statistic in this industry so if there are any tips to prevent me from any future headaches ,id rather find out now and stick to my Job.