One of the techniques employed by MLM companies is

to coach new recruits on how to handle a long list of objections from non-believers(you!). What you encountered is just one of them. A standard procedure is to make comparisons to reputable companies and explain how the particular MLM is the same. As an illustration, here are some of the standard answers I got a while ago when an ex was in an MLM.

If you say its a pyramid scheme – they try to convince you that Microsoft, Google, US Govt etc are all pyramid schemes.

If you say 99% fail – They say that 90 % of all small businesses fail.

For healthcare MLMs, if you say some TV network did an expose on them, they will say that the TV networks are funded(advertising) by the large pharmaceutical companies and so have an agenda against MLMs.

If you point to websites, they will say the websites were created by people who failed at MLM and they will only listen to people who have succeeded (see recent posts by George Gonzalez!!).

And so on….

If you try to extend the argument using logic, they WILL get emotional on you, and accuse you of stealing their dreams and cut you off –

There are several posts in the last few weeks on dealing with this situation(by Hal and others) – specifically only by asking questions. There’s not a whole lot you can do for quite a while – just help pick them up when they fall eventually.

Good luck!