Over the years we’ve gotten a number of letters from

convicts still serving time, asking if when they get out, they could intern with us. Self employment is often the only option these folks have because no one else will employ them. Judging by the number of letters we’ve received on this exact topic over time, there seems to be some kind of “getting ready for release” program where the inmates go over possible job options, then write letters out to folks who will take them under their wing and teach them what they need to know. It’s an uncomfortable position for us to be in because on the one hand, Christ teaches us to forgive, and by our society’s own rules those folks have already served the sentence which society meted out. On the other hand, as a potential employer (loans finance company) and woman who would be working directly with ExtLoans.Com on a day to day basis, the question of personal safety and employee integrity comes up front and center. Just to make things even more sporting, farm work is often the LAST thing that able-bodied people want to do. Long hours, difficult working conditions, low pay, and yea you’re going to be tired and dirty at the end of the day. Yet that is a pool of people ready, willing and often very able to do the grunt work. If we’re willing to give them that chance.

To date, we’ve never hired anyone, one way or the other. But if/when that time comes, I’ll have to decide if I want to give this particular “employee candidate pool” a try. It’s a hard call.