So what can you do?

Not a whole lot. But you CAN ask questions of them that require that they do some research. You’ll have to do some research of your own before you can do that, and for most MLMs, generic research on those pay plans (“Flavor Of The Month,” for example) will offer a good start.

If YOU try to convince them they’re wrong, they’ll dismiss you as not understanding or jealous of their newfound vehicle to success. If THEY discover unsettling issues with their involvement in it, THEY may find that they cannot continue in this business without more complete answers to their concerns.

In short, if you try to tell me I’m wrong, I can find reasons not to believe you. If *I* discover for myself that I’m wrong, I’m more likely to believe it.

I hope you’ll continue to read here, even if we do not come up with a member with ACN-specific experience for you. We can help and support you, even if it’s on a more generic basis.