That’s true and how DH and I felt

we both retired from county jobs and though the pay wasn’t great feel so thankful for the retirement we have. However…not the secure feeling there used to be, retirement benefits are cutting back and DH got a notice this week that a health supplement of several hundred dollars he gets every month will start to cut down, a little more each year. I was never eligible for it, started working when I was too old to hit the cut off but it has been very nice for him. Especially the newer employees are not nearly as well off with benefits. I was really fortunate in one way, we had a contract that got passed during my time there. It gave three percent of of your salary in retirement for every year you had worked if you were over sixty. That only stayed in for a short time, next round the employees voted it out for something they thought would be better but I got it and it was a big difference. His county didn’t have it but he got the golden handshake, something else I was not entitled to.
, that’s a bonus of five years seniority if the county is encouraging retirement and they can get some of the employees closer to retirement to leave early.